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Jobs at Eden Detention Center

Eden is a small town in West Central Texas that is home to an 844 bed private prison. The facility is operated by CCA Inc.

The detention center is a low-security facility that has been in business for the Federal Bureau of Prisons since 1995. However, the prison has been a subject of controversy due to its human rights practices.


The Eden Detention Center is a low security facility with 844 beds. It is one of many facilities throughout the United States utilized by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to apprehend people prior to their appearance in an Immigration Court.

It is run by the Corrections Corporation of America, which specializes in the design, construction and management of prisons, jails and detention centers. The company has a total of more than 80,000 beds in nearly 70 facilities across 20-plus states and does business with all federal corrections agencies as well as many local municipalities.

For security reasons, all visitors must present a government-issued photo identification to enter the facility. They are also subject to a pat-down search of their person as well as a metal scan search of their belongings.


The visitation policy at Eden detention center is designed to protect inmates and visitors alike. Visitors must present proper identification such as a driver’s license or passport and a small amount of cash ($10 or less) before being allowed to enter the facility.

The prison does not permit visitors to bring any type of contraband or personal items into the facility, including cell phones. Visitors should also be aware that all cars entering the premises for visitation are subject to a search.

Inmates have a commissary account that allows them to purchase items from the facility’s canteen. Inmates can buy these items with money that is deposited into their account by friends and family members or earned wages.

Friends and family can deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account online via the Eden Detention Center CCA for BOP website. They can do this by creating an account, identifying their inmate’s ID number, and entering their contact information.


The Eden detention center is a privately owned and operated prison for men that is run by Corrections Corporation of America. It was opened in 1985 under a contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The facility has a small population and is considered low security. Inmates are not allowed to visit with family members, friends or attorneys.

Inmates are also prohibited from bringing electronic devices into the prison, including cell phones. The jail has a metal scan program.

The facility is located in Eden, Concho County, Texas and is under contract with ICE to house detainees until they are transferred to other facilities or released under supervision. Currently, it has 139 federal male offenders.


Fortunately for the occupants of this oh so small facility, there is a plethora of interesting jobs to be had. If you are looking for a challenge or a new career path, here are some of the more enlightening opportunities that may be right for you. Among the most obvious choices are the guards, correctional officers and other support personnel. For the lucky few, a solid compensation package is on tap. For those with a more entrepreneurial slant, there are also opportunities in the front office and in the back. For a more holistic look at the possibilities, you might need to be a little bit of a showoff to snare these hot fudges.

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