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What is included in the price of renting a yacht or boat?

When planning a day out on the water, one of the most important things to consider is the cost. The price of renting a yacht or motorboat can vary greatly depending on the location, size, and features of the vessel. But what exactly is included in the price of renting a boat? In this article, we will explore the different factors that contribute to the cost of yacht rental in Tenerife, and what you can expect to be included in the price when renting from the company Rent Boat Tenerife.

Location and Vessel Type

The first factor that contributes to the cost of renting a boat is the location and type of vessel. In Tenerife, you can rent a motorboat or yacht to explore the beautiful coastline and nearby islands. The price of rental varies depending on the type of vessel and the location you wish to visit. For example, renting a motorboat for a day trip along the coast of Tenerife will be less expensive than renting a yacht for a week-long excursion to neighboring islands.

Size and Features of the Boat

The size and features of the boat also play a significant role in determining the cost of the rental. Generally, larger boats with more features will cost more to rent. For example, a motorboat with a small engine and no amenities will be less expensive than a luxury yacht with multiple cabins, a full kitchen, and entertainment systems.

Fuel and Cleaning Fees

When renting a boat, it’s important to consider additional costs beyond the rental fee. Two common additional costs are fuel and cleaning fees. Motorboats and yachts require fuel to operate, and this cost is usually passed on to the renter. The amount of fuel used will depend on the distance traveled and the speed at which the boat is operated. Additionally, boats must be cleaned after each rental to ensure that they are ready for the next group of renters. This cleaning fee is also typically included in the rental price.

Crew and Captain Fees

If you don’t have experience operating a boat or simply want to sit back and relax, you may choose to hire a captain or crew to navigate the vessel for you. This is especially common for yacht rentals. The cost of a captain or crew will be an additional expense but can provide peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your time on the water.


Another important factor to consider when renting a boat is insurance. Depending on the rental company, insurance may be included in the rental price or available as an additional cost. It’s important to carefully review the insurance coverage provided to ensure that it meets your needs and protects you in case of an accident or damage to the vessel.

Renting from Rent Boat Tenerife

If you are planning to rent a motorboat or yacht in Tenerife, Rent Boat Tenerife is a trusted and reliable company with a variety of vessels to choose from. When renting from Rent Boat Tenerife, the rental fee includes the boat, fuel, cleaning, and insurance. There are no hidden fees or charges, so you can rest assured that you know exactly what you are paying for.

In addition to the rental fee, you can choose to add a captain or crew for an additional cost. This is a great option if you want to relax and enjoy the scenery without worrying about navigation or safety. Rent Boat Tenerife also offers a variety of vessels to suit different needs, including motorboats and yachts of varying sizes and features.

Final Thoughts

When considering the cost of renting a boat, it’s important to keep in mind the location, vessel type, size, and features of the boat. Additionally, you should factor in additional costs such as fuel, cleaning, crew, and insurance. When renting from Rent Boat Tenerife, you can rest assured that the rental fee includes all necessary costs.

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