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Trusted Criminal Lawyers for White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, investment fraud, and breach of trust are serious charges that require specialized legal help. A local criminal lawyer with experience in white crime defense can help you determine the best way to fight your case.

A criminal attorney has a vast array of experience in defending against all types of state and federal crimes. Finding the right Atlanta criminal defense lawyer is crucial to your chances of a successful outcome in court.


Felonies are serious charges and can negatively impact your life moving forward. You may find it difficult to obtain employment or housing with a felony on your record. While it’s possible to have felony charges reduced to misdemeanors, you need to work with an Atlanta criminal defense attorney who understands how the judicial system works.

Trusted criminal lawyers in Atlanta are well versed in Georgia law and have extensive experience defending clients from prosecution. They can help you build a strong case and negotiate with prosecutors for the best outcome. They also have the knowledge and experience to defend you in cases involving murder, drug offenses, or other violent crimes.

Criminal lawyers can also assist you with civil cases, including wrongful death and malpractice lawsuits. They can help you win compensation in these cases by proving that the other party was at fault for your injury. The attorneys can also protect you against malicious prosecution by ensuring that the legal process is fair and doesn’t violate your rights.


The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law team has an outstanding reputation for helping clients through a difficult time. They have the experience to help you fight for your rights and ensure you are treated fairly. They are available to answer your questions and keep you updated on your case. They will return your calls promptly and will be by your side from beginning to end.

The legal system can be very confusing and a criminal charge can make life even harder. A qualified criminal defense lawyer will have an understanding of how the system works and can offer guidance based on your specific situation.

Cory Yager, a criminal attorney Atlanta GA, has a strong background in DUI law and is nationally known for his aggressive and relentless representation of clients. He has also co-authored two different books on the subject, and he has a long history of public service in both police work and law.


When facing criminal charges in Atlanta, you need a team that will remain by your side until your case is resolved. The results-driven team at Amircani Law is prepared to help no matter where your case is in the process. They understand the ins and outs of Atlanta courts and will work tirelessly until your rights are protected.

A great criminal defense attorney will know how to strike deals with district attorneys and get their client’s prison or jail time reduced substantially. This is particularly important if someone is accused of a white collar crime as these crimes can carry severe penalties, including years in state prison.

Criminal lawyers will also help their clients when they face civil liability. For example, if a person is accused of hitting someone while driving under the influence of alcohol and they later sue, a good Atlanta criminal lawyer will advise them to plea nolo contendere to avoid having their guilty plea used as evidence in the lawsuit.

Timely Representation

Having a criminal record can affect every aspect of your life. For instance, if you’re a college student with an arrest on your record, it can prevent you from receiving federal financial aid or preventing you from enrolling in your dream school.

The best Atlanta criminal lawyers have a deep understanding of the state laws and the criminal justice system that govern crime cases. They will work diligently to protect you from harsh prosecutors and ensure that your case is properly presented in court.

It’s important to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to help you navigate the legal process. A good lawyer will be able to defend you from the moment of your arrest through to the completion of your case. They’ll also be able to respond quickly to new information and develop a strategy for the courtroom. This is especially crucial since prosecutors are highly motivated to secure a conviction.

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