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The Importance of Having an Immigration Lawyer by Your Side

Here is how Frauds and Immigration law are connected:

Immigration law and fraud detection are connected because some individuals may attempt to deceive immigration authorities by providing false information, forged documents, or misrepresenting their intentions or qualifications in order to gain entry or remain in a country.

Immigration attorneys help individuals who wish to become naturalized citizens of the United States. Individuals must meet certain requirements to gain citizenship such as; being at least 18 years old; having been a lawful permanent resident for five years and taking the Oath of Allegiance.

Immigration laws are complex and constantly changing. An experienced immigration lawyer atlanta can provide valuable insight and guidance throughout the process. Learn more.


The path to citizenship can be challenging. Security threats at home and abroad have made the process more complex and subject to greater scrutiny. With a Georgia immigration lawyer by your side, you can increase your chances of success.

A qualified immigration attorney can help you navigate the naturalization process by filing Form N-400 and all other required paperwork with USCIS. This includes attending an interview with an immigration officer and passing a civics test and English language exam.

During your naturalization interview, you will be asked to swear an oath of loyalty to the United States. Applicants must also show that they have “good moral character,” which means that you do not have certain types of crimes on your record and that you support the democratic system of government. The USCIS evaluates this on a case-by-case basis. In addition, you must be of age to apply for citizenship. This requirement may vary depending on your situation and country of origin.

Permanent Residency

Getting permanent residency in the United States, or green card status, allows individuals to live and work in the country permanently. This legal status is granted through employment-based visa options, or through family sponsorships of certain close relatives. Green card holders must fulfill certain responsibilities and obligations, including reporting income to the Internal Revenue Service and paying taxes, just as citizens do; they may not travel outside of the country for more than a year, and should always carry an unexpired passport from their home country. They must also register with the Selective Service if they are males aged 18 through 25.

A skilled lawyer could help a foreign national decide which type of green card would be the best fit for their circumstances, and guide them through the application process. This might include filing the appropriate form, gathering documentation and preparing for interviews. In addition, a skilled immigration attorney might assist with addressing any concerns that arise during the application process.

Deportation Defense

People without legal status in the United States who are arrested and placed in removal proceedings may have several options available to them. Immigration attorneys can make sure a client understands these options while also guiding them through the process. These options include:

Individuals who have strong ties to the United States may be able to apply for asylum due to persecution or fear of harm in their home country. They may also be able to win cancellation of removal by showing they have lived in the United States for a long time and met certain requirements.

An immigration attorney can help prepare these applications by reviewing the person’s case, collecting and analyzing evidence, drafting legal arguments, and filing them with the court. They can also appear with the person in front of an immigration judge for hearings. They can help the person win an appeal if the judge makes an unfavorable decision. Trying to represent yourself or hire an inexpensive attorney can lead to a bad result.

Appealing a Deportation

Immigration is an ever-changing area of law that can impact the lives of individuals and their families. Whether you are seeking asylum, green cards or citizenship through naturalization, attempting to secure visas for family members or friends who are living abroad or trying to avoid deportation, it is essential to have an experienced attorney by your side to make sure no part of the process is overlooked.

Even if you have been ordered removed, deported or excluded by an immigration judge, there may be an opportunity for you to appeal that decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). This is a review process that gives you the chance to explain why the immigration judge made the wrong decision and why you should be granted relief from deportation, removal or exclusion.

An immigration lawyer atlanta can help you understand why your deportation order was issued, and assist you in filing a waiver or an appeal of that decision to keep you legally in the United States. An attorney can also help you with any other immigration issues that arise during your time in the U.S., including work-related visas and criminal immigration issues.

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