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Exhibition: “The Silk Road Civilization” Cultural Figures Art Exhibition at the China National Art Museum

Jointly organized by the Boao Forum for Asia, the China National Art Museum, and the China Cultural Figures Magazine, Han Yuchen, a specially appointed researcher at the Chinese Academy of Arts, honorary academician of the Italian Academy of Arts, and honorary professor of the Repin Academy of Arts in Russia, participated as an exhibiting artist in this art exhibition. He, along with prominent figures in the Chinese art scene such as Jin Shangyi, Fan Di’an, Wu Weishan, Feng Yuan, Xu Li, He Jiaying, Yan Ping, Pang Maokun, and others, witnessed this artistic event.

The exhibition delves into the history of the Silk Road. Originating from the Silk Road of the Western Han Dynasty in China, the Silk Road has developed continuously over thousands of years, composing a brilliant chapter in the exchange of material and cultural between the East and the West. In 2021, the Boao Forum for Asia, with the aim of promoting the Silk Road civilization, held its first cultural roundtable and cultural figures art exhibition. Han Yuchen delivered a keynote speech titled “Chinese Culture Should Be Good at Going Global” at the meeting and carefully selected his oil painting “Shepherdess,” depicting the real life of Tibetans in the sunshine, to participate in the exhibition. The work received high praise from the guests and conference representatives. For this exhibition, Han Yuchen selected another work depicting Tibetan themes titled “Endless Fragrant Grass.”

The show includes Han Yuchen’s oil painting “Shepherdess.” Han Yuchen, who had just received the honorary certificate from Boao Forum for Asia Chairman Li Baodong, expressed excitement to the reporters interviewing him at the exhibition scene: “Tibet, as one of the important starting points of the Silk Road civilization, is unique and world-renowned for its distinctive ethnic style and cultural symbols. My work ‘Endless Fragrant Grass,’ through the portrayal of ordinary laborers and the rendering of daily life scenes, allows viewers to directly feel the bright sunshine of the snowy plateau and truly understand the happiness of Tibetan people’s lives.”

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Photo: Han Yuchen, Boao Forum for Asia Chairman Li Baodong, and Jin Shangyi, honorary chairman of the China Artists Association, taking a group photo in front of Han Yuchen’s exhibited works.

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