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Elevate Your Home Security with ADT’s Smart Home Solutions

As human beings, we have always felt the need to protect the place where we live. In the past we did this with watchmen and animals, nowadays we do it with the latest smart home security systems. This article will explore how ADT smart home solutions are the best smart home security system available. We will start with the current state of home security, expound on ADT smart home solutions, and make a case for why you should choose them.

The Current State Of Home Security

The standard home security arsenal includes locks, alarms, and security cameras. This is used all over the world and was the blue print that home security systems have used. However, since the internet of things took over, we’ve seen changes in all areas of life. This has resulted in the rise of smart home security systems.

This has been made possible thanks to more comprehensive protection, faster alerts, remote operation, and integration with other services. Moreover, smart home security systems are more customizable owing to the modularity of smart home technology. Coupled with convenience and you’re solid across all fronts. In the discussion of the best smart home security systems, ADT stands tall and proud.

ADT Smart Home Solutions

An ADT smart home security system is a collection of components and software, autonomously communicating with each other. Let’s start with that:

Components Of ADT Smart Home Security Systems

The structure of an ADT home security system comprises of a central control panel, sensors, cameras, sirens, smart locks, and other smart home technology. More specifically, the components of ADT’s smart home security systems include:

Intrusion Detection

The different sensors and software that work together comprise of door sensors, window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, and smart security cameras. Different combinations of these components are tasked with detecting intruders and letting everyone know that they’re there.

Access Control

A combination of key fobs, smart locks, keypad entry systems, and biometric scanners act as the first line of defense. When access control is combined with intrusion detection, you begin to see the smart home security system come together.

Video Surveillance

Using either ADT smart home security cameras or Google Nest cameras, it is possible to have video surveillance 24/7. Modern home security cameras also come with two-way audio, motion detection, and night vision. This allow for your home to be monitored all day, every day. 

Environmental Monitoring

Along with ADT security systems, you also have ADT life safety systems. This includes their smoke detectors, water leak sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. ADT protects your home from external threats and also keeps you informed on internal threats as well. They keep the intruders out along with preventing your home burns to the ground.

Home Automation 

In your ADT smart security system, you don’t just have security and life safety components. Staying true to being ‘smart’, these systems are incredibly modular. You can add smart locks, lights, thermostats, smart displays, smart sprinkler systems, smart garage door openers and more. With just one prompt, several smart devices are triggered. By using an ‘arm system’ command, you can make the following happen:

·        All doors locked

·        All window sensors activated

·        Thermostat adjusted for ideal sleeping conditions

·        Smart displays dimmed down

·        Garage doors closed and locked

·        High power appliances shut off

·        Smart security cameras monitoring specific regions for movement

These are just a handful of the different ways that home automation works with ADT home security systems. Owing to the modularity of these systems, you can have any assortment of components working together to protect your home.

ADT Home Security Plans

If all of this sounds enticing, consider getting an ADT home security plan. There are three different options to pick from, each serving as an upgrade to the previous. Get in touch with ADT customer service if you’re considering joining the family.

ADT Business Security Plan

Security Functionality

Security Plan Price

Equipment Rental Fee

One-Time Equipment Fee


·        Intrusion detection

·        Touch screen panel

·        Voice control

·        24/7 monitoring

·        Service and repair warranty


Starts at $9.98/mo

$599 at the start


·        All the features of Secure

·        Smart home automation

·        Remote access


Starts at $15.32/mo

$919 at the start


·        All the features of Smart

·        Live HD video

·        Video clip storage


Starts at $17.82/mo

$1069 at the start

It is worth noting that the prices here are for the standard set of equipment that comes with each package. If you want to add more components, the equipment rental or lump sum payment will go up. 

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