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Disputes between parties, including individuals, that do not involve criminal charges are referred to as civil litigation. A lawsuit involving a business dispute between two or more entities is referred to as commercial litigation.

Missouri Legal Limit for Alcohol


Missouri law requires everyone to submit to breath, blood or urine tests if they are arrested on reasonable suspicion of DWI. You also have the right to refuse these chemical tests. As a general rule, one standard drink will increase…

When Do I Need a Lawyer?

Need a Lawyer

The law has an impact on almost everything we do, including buying things, operating a car, and interacting with other people. But it’s evident that none of these commonplace contacts require the services of a wiarton lawyers. When is a…

Mexican Consulate in Houston Texas

Mexican Consulate in Houston Texas

Located at 3200 Rogerdale Rd. in Houston’s Westchase District, the consulate is easily accessible by all types of transportation. The new facility is 50,000 square feet, which makes it twice as large as the previous building. It is also LEED-certified,…