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7 Sneaky Divorce Tactics Attorneys Can Use Against You

Passion can lead to love or hate. That is why some divorce cases can turn into relentless fights.

After a divorce, partners may act out, play dirty, and engage in retaliation.

As a result, a divorce can negatively impact your finances, family dynamics, and mental and physical health. Health conditions, such as a heart attack, may even emerge from these confrontations.

That’s why you need to work with a divorce attorney to stay on guard against some of the “battle plans” the other side may employ against you.

Some of the Sneakier Ploys

Below are some of the sneaky divorce strategies divorce lawyers may wield at you and why they use these maneuvers.

1. Delaying a divorce on purpose

One of the crafty divorce tactics used is “stalling and delaying” the process to prolong the proceedings to receive a better settlement.

Refusing negotiation offers or dragging out the signing of documents are used to slow up the settlement.

If you are dealing with delays and cannot move forward, then it’s time to talk to an attorney. Choose an attorney who knows how to sidestep setbacks who can help you arbitrate your case.

Your lawyer can revive your situation so you can experience success. It’s kind of like performing CPR in the sense of a legal offensive.

2. Pushing for a quick settlement

Another sneaky tactic is to speed up divorce proceedings and hurry things along. The pushy party frequently uses this maneuver to secure the best deal for themselves in the settlement agreement.

Creating a false time limit or speeding things up creates a sense of confusion and urgency.

Before signing any documents then, have your attorney review the paperwork to ensure fair and equitable treatment.Take your time. Don’t react. Stay proactive during the divorce discussions.

3. Hiding, spending, or lying about income and assets

In states that do not require a fault-based divorce, such as Florida, assets and wealth are usually split equally. Therefore, the other party may hide assets and money to increase their net worth and holdings. 

Some common tactics include:

  • Transferring assets or money to a member of the family
  • Hiding valuable items in a hidden location (such as a safety deposit box)
  • Misreporting income 
  • Making large purchases on someone else’s behalf
  • Claiming false expenses or debts

During the separation period, you may find it difficult to tell if your ex is concealing income and assets.

An attorney specializing in divorce law can help. They’ll investigate your ex’s financial situation and check for suspicious spending activities. 

4. Reducing child support by requesting more visits

Child support orders are likely to follow when children are involved in the divorce process.

When you ask for child support, it can make time sharing and custody discussions difficult.

For example, some parents ask if they can spend more time with their children to reduce monthly child maintenance payments.

In some cases, the parent with visitation rights gives the children to other family members during their scheduled visits.

Talk to your lawyer about your concerns to explore the best options for your child.

5. Making false allegations

False allegations are a common and devastating tactic used by spouses who fail to receive the custody decision they expect.

A parent may try to gain or limit full custody by discrediting the other parent in front of the court.

Examples of allegations that can lead to the loss of custody or visitation rights include:

  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal behavior
  • Alcoholism or drug abuse
  • An inability to comply with court orders regarding custody arrangements

Discuss any false accusations made against you with your lawyer so they can guide you and represent you properly. 

6. Refusing to communicate or negotiate

When the other party refuses to communicate or negotiate, things can quickly become problematic.

This tactic is similar to delaying or hurrying along the divorce process. The idea is to wear you down.

Your attorney can use certain legal methods to document your ex’s lack of communication. 

These techniques can spur the other party to respond more easily and steer the proceedings in your favor.

7. Alienating children from the other parent

In divorce cases, one of the worst tactics is to turn the children in a marriage against a parent or to reduce the time a child spends with their parent. This tactic is meant to serve one of two main goals:

  1. It is done to show that one of the parents is the best choice for primary custody. 
  2. It manipulates older children to choose one parent over the other.

Therefore, the other attorney may make legal moves to support these objectives. Your own attorney can help you by shedding a more realistic light on the situation and showing why you know what’s best for your child.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Now

Hiring a divorce attorney will enable you to avoid or dodge the sneaky divorce tactics some lawyers may use. Use your attorney’s experience and objectivity to guide you during an emotional and stressful time. If you want to realize a more successful outcome, it pays to retain legal representation and advice.

Author: Donna Ryan 

Author Bio: Donna Ryan lives in Tucson, Arizona. She has written hundreds of articles covering the subjects of health and fitness, home and gardening, technology, travel, pets, and business. You can contact her at about any writing inquiries.

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