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5 Law Firm LinkedIn Strategies to Grow Your Practice

LinkedIn is a competitive tool many professionals use to grow their practice. When properly utilized, LinkedIn can help you develop brand awareness, boost visibility, and acquire new business. Even firms that do not have a strong online presence and mostly depend on referrals can benefit from this platform.

With over 800 million users, LinkedIn is a good platform to put your practice on the clients’ radar. The American Bar Association estimates that over 21% of key legal legislators and 75% of law firms in the country are active on LinkedIn.

Some surveys also show that 68% of LinkedIn users head to the platform to find legal representation.

However, many law firms do not use this platform to grow their practice. Here are a few strategies you can implement on LinkedIn to generate more leads.

Create and Optimize Your Law Firm Profile

The first strategy to utilizing LinkedIn is creating a page and keeping it updated. This page is your first interaction with potential clients. Optimize your LinkedIn profile using keyword research and strategic placement.

You can optimize your page by targeting keywords related to your areas of specialization, location, and profession.

For instance, “New York Personal Injury Attorney” is similar to what users searching for legal help would use on Google and other search engines.

Such target keywords are likely to rank higher on search engines and social media. They also feature high volume with low competition making it easier for potential clients to find your brand.

Another factor to consider when creating your profile is to make it as detailed as possible. Generic law firm profiles do not generate much engagement or leads.

This is because the generic approach does not showcase any benefits of working with the firm or

what sets them apart from competitors.

Ensure you have:

A professional profile picture and header

A brief, but insightful overview of the firm and its services

Specialization areas

A link to your website and relevant social media pages

Any recent blog posts and news related to your area of specialization

Showcase client reviews and testimonials

Grow Your Network

Connect with other professionals and law firms on LinkedIn to grow your network. This is an excellent way to get referrals and grow your referral resources.

You can also connect with potential clients such as organizations that typically use the services that your firm offers.

Consider opting into Advanced LinkedIn Search which allows you to search for groups or clients that fit into your area of specialization. You can also use it to check for suggestions of people or groups you should include in your network.

Remember, before reaching out to grow your network, it is best to use a customized approach. Make your request more personalized and include relevant information.

Cultivate Your Following

Having 5000 connections on LinkedIn seems impressive however, it is useless if it does not result in any interactions and possible conversions.

On the other hand, 500 followers who regularly read your content, comment, like, and share is more valuable. You are more likely to get recommendations and even potential conversions from active followers.

More is not always better. Identify leaders, existing clients, and firms who share the same interests. They are more likely to follow back and engage in constructive discourse. You should also follow a reasonable number of authoritative sources.

Run LinkedIn Ads Tailored Towards Your Target Audience

If your goal is to grow the firm, running ads is an effective way of bringing in new clients. Ads can be customized for both firms and individual attorneys. They appear as sponsored content on the newsfeed similar to the Facebook model.

You can choose different ad formats depending on your goals. For instance:

Single image ads: Typically have a single image with a compelling caption. Copy must be limited to 75 characters which ensures that potential clients do not get distracted by long blocks of text.

Video ads: These are increasingly gaining popularity because more people prefer to watch a short engaging clip than read long descriptions. Video ads will usually have a CTA button that takes potential clients to your preferred landing page.

Text only ads: These ads are text-based with no images.

Carousel ads: These allow you to showcase multiple images and links within the same ad. 

Consider using LinkedIn targeting options to ensure that you reach the right audience for your services.

Engage the Law Firm’s Employees

The team at the firm is your greatest asset. When it comes down to it, your LinkedIn profile is advertising their expertise alongside the firm’s values. Engage your lawyers on social media and encourage them to share.

The attorneys at the firm should also be active on LinkedIn and develop themselves as thought leaders. This allows them to engage authoritatively with posts on the firm’s official company page. Social HP is an excellent tool that makes it easy to share content and engage as a team.


LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professionals in the legal sector. Law firms can streamline their marketing efforts and use this platform to generate leads, attract new talent, and build relationships with new and old clients.

This platform is also useful for gathering market research on which legal services potential clients in your area need. With the right steps, you can make a great impact on your marketing KPIs using LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, most attorneys do not use this platform correctly or even often enough. For success, your firm must consistently produce content that is in line with client needs. If you are looking to

grow your online presence and beat competitors, start leveraging LinkedIn today.

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